Recreation Advisory Board


  • On an as-needed basis


  • Bonnie Donahue, Member (2019)
  • Paul Punturieri, Member (2021)
  • Betsy Spencer, Alternate, 2022
  • Linda Murray
  • Matthew Swedberg, School Representative (2019)

Reorganized by Select Board

The Select Board has reviewed the purpose and need for the Recreational Advisory Board (RAB). As a result of this review the Board has concluded that the need for a Recreation Advisory Board does exist and should continue for the benefit the Select Board, the Recreation Department and the community. The Board redefined and clarified the Mission and Charge of the RAB. On July 28, 2016 they adopted the mission and charge described as follows.

With the adoption of this Mission, Charge, Membership and Guidelines, new RAB members who embrace the new Mission and Charge will be appointed by the Select Board over the next month or two. Interested residents are welcome to submit their application for consideration.

Mission Statement

The Moultonborough Recreation Advisory Board's role is to promote a vibrant, sustainable Recreation Department by providing ongoing support and recommendations to the Director, responding to the needs of the community, promoting collaboration, and by fostering a culture of service to all community members both youth and adults of all ages.

Charge of Board

The charge of the Moultonborough Recreation Advisory Board is to work with the Recreation Director, Town Administrator and Selectmen to plan and implement a wide range of civic, cultural and recreational opportunities for all residents of Moultonborough.

Membership & Term

The Moultonborough Recreation Advisory Board (RAB) shall consist of the following members appointed by the Board of Selectmen:

  • One Select Board Member
  • One School Department Representative (selected by the School Board)
  • Three At-Large Members (selected by the Selectmen)

Volunteer applications for RAB positions must be submitted to the Board of Selectmen for consideration. Members will be selected based on their willingness and desire to serve the community and sincerely embrace the Mission and Charge of the RAB. Terms will be no longer than three years.


  • The RAB shall meet on an as-needed basis, but no less than quarterly.
  • The RAB Chair will appear before the Board of Selectmen at least once a year to report on the activity of the RAB.
  • Issues relating to the attention of the RAB will be forwarded to the Director and Town Administrator.