What can be recycled?

Follow the signs and place in proper locations. If you need assistance, please ask.

The following items are received in separate areas:

  • Household Trash and Single Stream Recycle
    • Co-mingle: Aluminum cans, steel cans, glass jars, glass bottles
    • Plastic food containers and bottles Number 1 through Number 7 plastics
      • No ridged plastics (5 gallon buckets and kids' toys)
  • Newspapers, magazines and standard cardboard - (must be flattened) must be deposited with single-stream recycle.
  • Household Garbage - Deposit food, food containers, paper incidental to food consumption and wrapping paper in household trash.

All items other than those listed above have specified areas for deposit and may have a fee connected to them - please ask the attendants for assistance regarding location and charges.

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