Is my lot subdividable?

Subdividing Your Property or Moving Your Lot Line

Property owners in Moultonborough, seeking to subdivide a parcel of land, or adjust the property boundaries, need to apply to the Planning Board and must meet the requirements of the Town Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations.

A merger of two or more abutting lots owned by the same property owner is called a "Voluntary Merger". This is the simplest possible property change and can be done with no outside assistance, but still needs Planning Board approval, and recording of a merger document at the Registry of Deeds.

Property owners may change the boundary line between two parcels of land, either parcels in the same name, or parcels held by different connecting owners. If one or both of the lots is "nonconforming" (i.e., does not meet current zoning requirements), the boundary can not be changed  in a way that makes a nonconforming lot more nonconforming, or makes a conforming lot non-conforming. For clarification, contact the Land Use Department at 476-2347. This will require the assistance of a licensed NH surveyor.

If you are thinking about subdividing, please call the Land Use Department for guidance at 476-2347. The Town Planner will work with you to subdivide in a manner that offers the greatest protection for your interests, the natural enironment and water quality.

Property owners who wish to subdivide a lot into two or three lots, which may not be further subdivided, can apply for a “Minor” subdivision. This will require the assistance of a licensed NH surveyor. If the property has been recently subdivided, this may limit the use of a Minor Subdivision.

Property owners who wish to be able to subdivide in the future, or those who wish to create three (3) or more lots, and/or need to construct roads and drainage improvements, need to apply for a "Major Subdivision." As the name suggests, this is more complicated and requires more information than a Minor Subdivision. This will require the assistance of a licensed NH surveyor and probably additional professionals, such as engineers.

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