How do I schedule an inspection for my project?

Inspections are scheduled Monday through Thursday, starting after 10 am. You or your designee will need to call the office to request an inspection, at 603-476-2347. This can be done weekdays between the hours of 7:30 and 10 am. If at all possible, please schedule your inspection 24 hours in advance. If time allows, the inspection will be scheduled the same day. Requests for inspections made after 9 am will generally be scheduled for the next business day.

You will be asked: 1) Street address of the project, 2) the type of inspection needed, 3) and the contact person's name, 4) and telephone number.

Inspection times will depend on the schedule for that day and specific times can't be guaranteed. If needed, the Code and Compliance Officer will try to call the contact person with an approximate time. If an inspection is done without anyone being present, the Code and Compliance Officer will leave a yellow inspection sticker to indicate the inspection passed. If there are deficiencies in the work inspected, the contact person will be notified.

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