What can be done to reduce dangers in the home?

A home hazard assessment should be done. Emergency Management professionals work on ways to reduce the danger from known hazards. This is called hazard mitigation and you can do the same thing in your home. Look for obvious hazards, such as tree branches too close to power lines or dry brush near the house. In a windstorm, those branches may come down and take your power lines with them. Brush can create a fire hazard during dry years.

You should also be aware of known hazards in your neighborhood. Is there a highway on which hazardous chemicals are transported? Are you located in a floodplain or near a stream that might flood? Look for any natural or manmade structure which could cause danger during extreme weather or in the event of an accident. You should have a plan to escape or otherwise protect yourself.

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1. What can be done to reduce dangers in the home?
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