Police Department

Mission Statement

In cooperation with the people of Moultonborough and in partnership with other public and private agencies, to assume a leadership role through a problem-solving approach to preventing crime and disorder, reducing citizen fear of crime, providing for the safe and efficient flow of traffic, providing a variety of non-criminal activities, and improving the quality of life as we work together to make Moultonborough truly New Hampshire's "all-American town."

In addition to law enforcement responsibilities, the Moultonborough Police Department offers to our citizens:

  • Child Identity Kits
  • Bicycle Registration
  • Child Seat Safety Inspections
  • Residence and Business Security Inspections
  • Gun Locks

Resources and materials available:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Safety
  • Firearms Safety
  • Identity Safety
  • Cybercrime Protection
  • Substance Abuse and Treatment