Project Child Safe

Project Child SafeProject ChildSafe® and the Moultonborough Police Department would like to remind gun owners to:

  • Properly store firearms in the home.
  • Practice safe firearm storage options in the home.
  • Make certain that firearms in the home are not casually accessible to anyone - especially a child.

Stop by the police department and pick up your Gun Safety Kit provided by Project ChildSafe®. Gun Safety Kit Instructions can be found on this page or by visiting Project ChildSafe® online.

General Firearm Safety Tips - Courtesy of Project ChildSafe®

  • Keep all firearms locked in a safe place, away from children and other unauthorized persons.
  • Store ammunition under lock and key, separately from firearms.
  • Read and understand the owner's manual that came with your firearm.
  • Follow safe gun handling practices: keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction; keep fingers off the trigger; and keep the firearm unloaded when not in use.

Safety Kit Instructions

Child Holding a Toy GunThis child is holding a toy gun. Imagine finding your child with a real gun in his or her hand? Gun safety is important! Get a Gun Safety Kit!