About Our Town

Welcome to the Town of Moultonborough's official website. You will find a substantial array of features such as a meeting and events calendar, a comprehensive catalog of minutes and agendas, a wide variety of frequently asked questions (and answers of course), reports and presentations you may have heard about, forms to be downloaded and filled out at home for mailing or to be brought in to Town Hall and, not least, a feature allowing you to subscribe to the latest updates and additions in areas of interest to you as well as urgent messages.

We hope you will visit us often as your 24/7 access to Town Government. Toward that end, the staff has done its best to anticipate what might be of interest to you and to make it as easy as possible for you to locate and use that information. Of course, the truest test of that will be you the user. We need your help to make this a great resource for you. Is there something you came here for that you can't find? Did you have one of those "If only they had..." moments when you toured our site? Did you eventually find what you were looking for, but it took too much effort to find it?

Please send your suggestions and questions about the site via email to our web team so they may learn from you and make those improvements.

Our Very Best Wishes,
Select Board