Website Disclaimer

Site Disclaimer

The Town reserves the right to revise this Policy without prior notice when it is deemed to be in its best interests. The Town will make every attempt to ensure the information on its site is accurate and up to date. Relying upon materials contained thereon is at the sole risk of the user. Persons needing official final "certified" copies of documents for legal or other transactions must obtain those from authorized Town agents as provided for in RSA 91-A and Town Policy.

The materials and information contained on or obtained from our website will be distributed and transmitted "AS IS" without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation, warranties of title or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Information contained on the website, including information obtained from sites accessed through external links thereon, is provided without any representation of any kind as to its accuracy or content and should be verified by the user. The Town is not responsible for any general, direct, special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may arise from the use of, or the inability to use, this site and/or the materials contained on the site whether the materials contained on the website are provided by the Town a by a third party.

The Town recognizes that, even with our best efforts to protect the confidentiality of user information and the information we display, it is not always possible to avoid human error or prevent unauthorized access to, unauthorized disclosure of, or disruption or corruption of data. The Town, in the event of unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, third-party intervention, or when any loss occurs due to error, omission, or inaccurate information being displayed on our site, reserves the right to recover any expenses if incurred, unpaid fees or taxes owed to it.

To view the entire Internet and Implementation Policy, go to Ordinances and Policies.

Privacy & Use of Data

The Town may not use its website to:

  • Record personal information about our users and their visits for commercial purposes.
  • Send unsolicited email regarding any commercial offers or advertisements.
  • Disclose, sell, rent or otherwise distribute personal information to any third party, unless such data must be released in accordance with law.

The Town may use its website to:

Record statistics to monitor overall site traffic to ensure users of the site are able to access information in an effective manner and to determine means to continually improve the site to better suit the users needs (i.e. which pages get the most/least traffic, the most effective means of communication such as graphics, text, and links and our effectiveness in communicating urgent messages to the population during emergencies). In keeping with industry standards we will record the following information about users:

  • The Internet domain and/or IP address from which users access our site
  • The type of browser and operating system used to access our site
  • The date and time of a user's visit
  • The pages visited
  • The address of any Website that users link to us from

Provide electronic payment capabilities by check, credit card or other means. Any related personal and/or payment information transmitted may only be collected, processed and disclosed to complete an online transaction and for record-keeping for such activities as billing, permits, licenses and other business-related purposes.

Respond to a user's request for information or a user's submission of information, or to complete an online application transaction. In receiving such personal information as is commonly contained in an email or filling out and submitting an application or other online form, the Town may use that information to respond to the user. Any such information is treated by law the same as if it had been submitted by any other method of delivery.

Inform the general public, through data in bulk aggregate form, of our annual activities or perform any other such action in fulfillment of this policy.

To view the entire Internet and Implementation Policy go to Ordinances and Policies.

Copyright & Trademarks

The Town does declare and will defend a copyright on and retain all intellectual property rights to all items on the site including all text, graphic images and other content excepting that provided to it by third parties. The Town does declare and will defend a trademark on the Town seal of the Town of Moultonborough. Any use of the materials on the Town's site without appropriate attribution or without the written permission of the Town is prohibited. The following acts or activities are prohibited without prior written permission from the Town: (a) modification and/or re-use of text, images or other site content; (b) distribution of the Town's site content as their own; or (c) "mirroring" the Town's information on a non-town site.

Some of the material on the Town's site may have been generated by third parties who have granted the Town permission to use it and for whom we believe we have given appropriate attribution. Those parties retain ownership of the material. Persons seeking to use or modify those materials including, but not limited to, icons, graphics, and general content will need to contact the owner of such materials directly. The Town will not act on their behalf to seek such permission.